13 Reasons You Should Join BuzzFeed Community And Start Posting

Seriously, just do it! Creating posts is super easy and so much fun! You can choose between three different post...

We Know Which Family Member You’re Avoiding This Thanksgiving

*eats Thanksgiving dinner in the bathroom*       

Which “Lost” Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

We have to go back!       

What Feminist Quote Are You?

“We can do it!” —Rosie the Riveter       

16 Reasons Why Logan Was The Best Boyfriend For Rory Gilmore

#teamlogan He pushed her to live life to the fullest. Say what you want, but Logan brought out the fearlessness...

How Well Do You Remember “Gilmore Girls” Season 4?

“You have the word ‘juicy' on your rear end.” The CW       

Which Hogwarts Houses Do These “American Horror Story” Characters Belong In?

Would you mind if the Countess slytherin? View Entire List ›      

Pick Your Favorite Kitties And We’ll Guess Your Pokémon Go Team

Gotta catch all the kitties!       

13 British Things That Make Australians Shake Their Damn Heads

We need to talk. Drive on the left, walk on the right. What the actual fuck. Tim Tabor / Via...

Which “Gossip Girl” Star Should You Celebrate Galentine’s Day With?

You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.       

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