The 49 Greatest Broadway Love Songs


Because singing your heart out is always better than talking.

NOTE: To balance things out, I restricted this list to one song per musical.

“The Last Night of the World” (Miss Saigon)

Look, you either go for the sweeping Boublil and Schönberg duet, or you don’t. It’s very much emblematic of a Cameron Mackintosh show: Some would criticize its simplicity, but it’s undeniably stirring. (Feel free to swap it out with “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera if that makes you feel better.)

“So in Love” (Kiss Me, Kate)

For a Cole Porter song, “So in Love” is fairly straightforward. At the same time, it’s lush and surprisingly sexy (that saxophone!), which adds to its enduring appeal.

“Unexpected Song” (Song and Dance)

While the sound is very much of the ’80s, the lyrics of “Unexpected Song” speak to the timeless experience of being surprised by love. The unnamed woman at the heart of Song and Dance doesn’t know how to process the love she’s feeling, so she sings about it — a musical theater standby.

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