Twitter Users Lament #MyValentinesRemorse, Share Romantic Horror Stories

No regrets

Valentine’s Day is an occasion for chocolate, flowers and bubble baths.

In an ideal universe.

In reality, however, Valentine’s Day is often an occasion for attempts at chocolate, flowers and bubble baths, among other romantic gestures.

Fortunately, when these gestures go awry, Twitter is around with hashtags such as “#MyValentinesRemorse” to make us feel better about all those times we royally screwed up on February 14.

To wit…

1. No Regrets!

We bet those nuggets tasted great. And we also bet he still totally had sex with you.

2. It’s Not?!?

Its not
This is good to know for future reference.

3. Valentine’s Day Remorse?

Valentines day remorse
More like Valentine’s Day Goals, are we right?!?

4. OOPS!

For President’s Day, we’re guessing his wife is getting him divorce papers.

5. Hey, No Judgment Here!

Hey no judgment here
Just add nuggets to the evening and you’re set.

6. Only 8 Hours of Sleep?

Only 8 hours of sleep
The struggle is real.

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