Kim Kardashian: Ditching Kanye West on Valentine’s Day?

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Harper's Bazaar Party Fashion Week 2016

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, which means that if you haven’t already done something special for your significant other, either you’re a woman, so you don’t have to worry about it, or you’re a man, and you may want to start setting up a Tinder profile.

Of course, there might be extenuating circumstances.

You could be Kanye West, in which case you may not have shelled out for flowers and candy because you don’t where the hell your wife is.

Kim and Kanye are both in New York for the city’s Fashion Week, but sources say that unlike in years past, Kanye will not be doing any partying in the run-up to his latest Yeezy fashion show.

In fact, if Kim had her way, he wouldn’t be in New York at all.

“Kim does not think that Kanye should be doing this and they had a huge fight about it,” a source told Radar exclusively.

“Kanye has disobeyed her because she told him he is not to be doing anything stressful and he continues to push her buttons.”

Yes, according to those closest to the couple Kim controls Kanye these days, and she’s apparently beyond pissed by the fact that he’s chosen to follow her to NYC.

As punishment or part of a compromise (depending on whom you ask), Kanye reportedly has to stay in the hotel when he’s not engaged in activities directly linked to his fashion show.

Kim, on the other hand, is still free to party, and she’s apparently planning on exercising that right tonight, romantic holiday be damned.

Insiders say Kim has no intention of spending the night with Kanye tonight, but she assumes he had nothing planned anyway.

“Kim does not think that Kanye is going to do anything special for her because he is so wrapped up in his show tomorrow.”

Sources say the rapper is all about reclaiming his independence through small, passive-aggressive acts of disobedience.

Going to New York against Kim’s wishes was one such act of rebellion.

And apparently, Kanye’s blonde hair was another.

“[Kim] hates his blonde hair so he goes and dyes his hair blonde,” a source tells Radar.

It seems Kim believes Kanye – who was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation in November – is still not stable enough to be back to work, and she’s afraid a public failure might crush him.

“She does not want him to be doing anything that will bring her bad press and she knows that this fashion show is going to tank and that he will be the laughing stock of NYFW,” the insider told Radar.

“But she has done all that she can to save him.”



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