Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran: Back Together!

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran: Back Together

Yesterday, we reported that Simon Saran inserted himself in the drama surrounding Tyler Baltierra joking confession that he cheated on Catelynn Lowell.

(We hope Tyler learned a valuable lesson about the Internet’s inability to understand sarcasm.)

Many wondered why Saran was still meddling in the lives of Teen Mom cast members despite the fact that Farrah dumped him back in May of 2016.

Now, it seems we have our answer …

Actually, we have two answers:

1. Simon is thirstier than a ficus in the Sahara, and the harassing Teen Mom stars is the only thing that’s ever brought him any attention.

2. It seems that Simon and Farrah are actually back together.

We already knew that Farrah had a stellar Valentine’s Day thanks to all the presents her daughter bought her, but yesterday, she revealed that the day was extra special thanks to a reconciliation with Saran.

She broke the news with the pic above, and confirmed with this photo of Saran and … Colin Kaepernick?

Yes, Simon and Farrah each posted the above shot of Kap, confirming both that they’ve been spending a lot of time together in LA, and that Farrah is profoundly confused about her own political beliefs.

We’re guessing the fact that Farrah is a Trump supporter went unmentioned at this little meet-and-greet.

Of course, Kaepernick is one of those folks who foolishly believes both candidates were equally unsuited for the job, so maybe he and Farrah decided to team up on designing a submarine with screen doors or something.

We’re getting off topic …

The point is, Farrah and Simon are definitely back together.

If you’ll recall, when they last parted ways, Abraham was pressuring Saran to propose.

So now that they’re back on, fans are already wondering when he’ll pop the question.

Some are going so far as to pore over pics of Farrah in search of a rock on her left hand, but we can’t help but feel that that’s a waste of time.

This is Farrah Abraham we’re talking about.

When she eventually suckers some poor soul into putting a ring on it, she won’t be keeping it on the down-low.

In fact, she’ll probably take out a full-page ad in Variety to inform the industry that she’s auctioning off TV rights to the wedding.

MTV won’t be happy, but as Farrah has reminded us many times, she’s bigger than Teen Mom!



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