Celebrity Apprentice Finale Recap: Who Won?

Matt & Boy George on Celebrity Apprentice Finale

After weeks of throwing one another under the bus, we have a winner on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, but who walked away with the title?

When the episode got underway, we picked up with Boy George and Matt continuing the final challenge to eke out the victory.

Boy George added a keyboard player to his roster, while Matt opted for his baby kangaroo.

The event kicked off, but Boy George quickly took issue with the loud noise coming from Matt’s event. Was he trying to throw his competitor off by complaining?

Boy George was then shocked by his star guest, Caitlyn Jenner not showing up on time. Thankfully, the reality TV star appeared and went out of her way to save the day for her friend.

Meanwhile, Matt welcomed the Governor and showed off his fun little program for the event. It was made in the form of a passport.

It was surprisingly creative. Arnold did not seem to catch on to Matt blatantly trying to be friendly for some brownie points. He’s in it to win it.

Matt’s speech helped prove that he had what it took to win the competition. He even threw in an impression of Arnie for good measure.

It was terrible, but everyone seemed to love it.

Boy George’s show then took center stage, and the judges appeared to love it. He proved he was a great writer by showcasing two original songs made just for the event.

His last big guest of the evening was Natasha Bedingfield. Yes, that chick who made the theme tune for The Hills.

With the events complete, it seemed like both men had a solid chance of winning the title.

In the boardroom, Arnold was handing out positive feedback to both men. It was certainly a change from the usual criticism being hurled at whoever wound up in the boardroom.

Both men got praise from their team members for their drive for success.

When it came down to choosing a winner, it seemed like Matt was getting the title. Arnie noted that Matt made the most money and he did not need to rely on star power for his final campaign.

It was true. Boy George would reel anyone in that he thought would make him a winner. It was revealed that Matt would take the title because of his performance throughout the whole season.

He’s the guy who kept managing to defy the odds on a weekly basis, so he did deserve it.

He was given more money for his charity. You could tell Boy George was upset, but he obviously knew Matt was a deserving winner.

It’s been a whirlwind season with a lot of casualties in the boardroom, but Matt deserved to win.

Also, there’s a very real possibility that this is the end of the line for the franchise. The ratings are down considerably.

Should there be more episodes of the series?

Were you happy with Matt emerging as the winner?

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