19 Valentine’s Day Cards You Should NOT Give Your Spouse

Modern love

Valentine’s Day 2017 is here, lovebirds!

In celebration of this annual romantic occasion, enjoy these 19 awesomely awkward cards that help you say I love you …

… or other very different things.

1. Modern Love

This is what long-term relationships aspire to be like in the age of the iPhone.

2. Commitment is Scary

Commitment is scary
Let’s just put that out there at the onset before we get too serious.

3. We’re a Thing

Were a thing
Who needs labels? I’m glad we’re a thing, whatever that thing might be.

4. #webothhatethesamestuff

Number webothhatethesamestuff
Nothing sums up a match made in heaven than a hashtag acknowledging mutual dislike for the same things.

5. Obsessed With You

Obsessed with you
I’m obsessed with you. But I know that sounds kind of weird, so I swear it’s non-creepy.

6. I Love You and Cats

I love you and cats
Because relationships come and go, but cats are forever.

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