PM Justin Trudeau managed to out-alpha-handshake Emperor Baby Fists


O Canada, how I hope you’ll take me in when Emperor Baby Fists declares it illegal to be brown in the United States. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau traveled to the White House on Monday for his first face-to-fascist meeting with Donald Trump. Last year, Trudeau’s first state visit to the White House was widely heralded as a new age in the Canadian-US relationship, mostly because Trudeau and President Obama seemed to genuinely like and respect each other. Trudeau looked at Obama like all of his BFF dreams were coming true. But now we have an unhinged sociopath in the White House and Trudeau had to bring it. And he did bring it! The above photo went viral yesterday because of the way Trudeau looked at Trump’s tiny little baby hands. It became a meme. And for what it’s worth, Trudeau did shake Trump’s baby fist in the Oval Office, it’s just the photographers captured that great split-second when Trudeau’s face betrayed him.

This also happened when Trudeau arrived at the White House – Agent Orange tried to do that stupid alpha male handshake thing where he jerks a guy’s hand closer, but Trudeau deflected it like a champ, using his left hand on Trump’s arm to stop Trump’s motion. It was a move which will be studied by all other world leaders. Well done, Trudeau.

President Trump welcomes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House.

— ABC News (@ABC) February 13, 2017

After the handshaking and photo-ops, Trudeau did a meeting about female entrepreneurs, which President Trump attended. So did Ivanka, for some reason. Ivanka looked at Trudeau like he was a slab of kosher beefcake. Trudeau also gave Trump a gift – a framed photo of a younger Emperor Baby Fists at the Waldorf-Astoria, speaking at a podium in front of Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau. It’s actually a great historical photo and a good choice for a gift. So, once again, Trudeau nailed it. I wonder what Trump gave Trudeau? Russian nesting dolls, I bet. Trudeau and Trump did a joint press conference in which Trudeau suavely translated himself in French. Sigh… I miss Obama so much.

Some memes:

Trudeau: We continue to welcome refugees.
Trudeau (in French): Canadians understand Trump is a bigoted blithering idiot.
Trump: I agree.

— Bill Madden (@activist360) February 13, 2017

seeing Trudeau go from being full of love to full of disappointment is heartbreaking

— thomas a moore (@Thomas_A_Moore) February 13, 2017


The handshake question. Some say Trump didn’t try his strong arm jerk & pull. I think he did, but Trudeau is wicked strong.

— The Anti-Trump (@IMPL0RABLE) February 13, 2017

Me watching Trudeau translate himself into French.

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) February 13, 2017

ivanka trump looking at justin trudeau the way her dad wishes she’d look at him

— Glen Coco (@MrPooni) February 13, 2017

Photos courtesy of Getty.



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