Hugh Jackman lost more of his beautiful face to skin cancer


As was mentioned when we discussed Nicole Kidman repping for Neutrogena, Hugh Jackman often speaks about how Nicole is a good role model for protecting yourself against the sun. Not only did he offer his support of her Neutrogena launch but he used her as an example when he spoke about his skin cancer in 2015 (FYI – shirtless shots of Hugh in that link, folks. *rowr*). Hugh first announced he was battling skin cancer in 2013 when he divulged that his wife, Deb Furness, told him to have a spot on his nose checked that turned out to be a basel cell carcinoma. He had it removed and has since has diligently documented his follow up checks and removals, bandages and all, to promote proper sun protection. Hugh’s point is that we should learn from him because he did everything wrong but is able to manage his skin cancer with regular checks.

This marks his sixth surgery in four years. As I also said in that Nicole post, I was raised with minimal attention to sun protection because my parents weren’t cautioned about it during their childhoods. And my mother is paying the price. I mean, like Hugh-level price. She has had several of these removals done, one so deep it almost reached the bone. Every time I see her, another piece of her is missing. She moved back to Coronado (the scene of the crime) about two years ago and is not allowed to go on the beach in anything less than a full length skirt or pants. I don’t kid myself that I am immune. I get checked constantly and will not be surprised when they find a basel cell carcinoma. All jokes aside, protect your children, protect yourself – sunscreen and check-ups people! As Hugh and CB insinuated, tans are so 1990, anyway.

Hugh is, of course, also gearing up for the opening of Logan on March 3rd. He claims that will be the final Wolverine movie although we’ve heard that before, n’est pas? But he says no, for reals this time, after 17 years he’s hanging up the claws. Hugh is currently filming The Greatest Showman, in which he plays Barnum and Bailey Circus founder PT Barnum. I didn’t know about this movie but Holy Hannibal – that’s positively inspired casting! If you have ever seen Hugh on stage, he was born to play this role. Plus, he can handle the darker side of Barnum as well *crosses fingers*

As I mentioned, Hugh is a strong voice for skin cancer awareness and prevention. You should check out both his Twitter and Instagram, on which he discusses his advocacy often. PS – “I am checking out Jackman’s cancer advocacy” is a marvelous excuse to give your SO when they catch you staring at Hugh’s social media… again. Mercy! This man can still make my teeth sweat.

Proud to support Columbia’s Cancer Research Programs at the Nearness of You concert. @ColumbiaMed

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) February 1, 2017

See? I’m just supporting cancer research by staring at that^^.


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