Donald Trump’s campaign met regularly with Russian intelligence officials


As many of us hoped/expected, the resignation – or was it a firing? – of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is just the tip of the iceberg. If the iceberg is “a foreign power’s influence over an American president.” Throughout Tuesday, Republican and Democratic senators and representatives were asked whether there should be further investigations into Flynn and the White House’s cozy relationship with Russia. Obviously, the Democrats want ALL of the investigations, and many are asking for an independent counsel to investigate. The Republicans? Well, except for a handful of senators (McCain, Graham, Blunt), they are content to not investigate. Because they know that if you pull at one string of the Baby Fists administration, the whole Russian sweater comes unraveled. Most Republicans are content to put party ahead of country, like Rand Paul, who said that investigating the Flynn matter further would be “excessive,” and then this:

“I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party. We’ll never even get started with doing the things we need to do, like repealing Obamacare, if we’re spending our whole time having Republicans investigate Republicans. I think it makes no sense.”

[From CNN]

Yes, why investigate a Russian takeover of an American presidency when they could be repealing health care for millions of Americans? PRIORITIES.

As for Russia, Flynn and everything else, here are some stories you should keep your eye on:

Michael Flynn’s lies. No one in the Baby Fists administration can keep their stories straight about what Flynn told them and when and what they knew and who said what. There are legitimate reasons for a more thorough investigation, mostly because there are SO MANY LIES and it would be nice to nail down some of these details. Meanwhile, the FBI interviewed Flynn weeks ago and there’s a pretty good chance that he lied to the FBI. Which is a crime.

What did Mike Pence & Baby Fists know? I mean… who can even keep track, but at this point I think we’re supposed to believe that Baby Fists knew about Flynn and the Russian connection weeks before Mike Pence knew. Sure. Maybe.

The New York Times’ latest bombshell. First of all, WaPo and the NYT are doing some great reporting… but on the other side, I feel like they’re both benefiting from the fact that the intelligence community has openly declared war on the Trump administration and intelligence officials are just looking to leak information to anyone and everyone. Anyway, the NYT dropped this story late last night – intelligence agencies have been keeping track of all of the calls and meetings between Trump’s staff and “senior Russian intelligence officials,” and those calls and meetings go back months. Trump’s people were meeting regularly with Russian intelligence during the campaign. American intelligence communities found the communications as they were investigating Russia’s hacks of the DNC, and the investigation morphed into trying to figure out the extent of the collusion between Baby Fists and Putin.

Russia violated an arms treaty. Putin deployed a cruise missile, violating the 1987 treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, which was signed by President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

And finally, #TrumpImpeachmentParty is trending on Twitter. I hope this hashtag becomes a reality.

Nordstrom gift cards for everyone at the #TrumpImpeachmentParty

— Jessica Wilder (@JessicaNexus) February 15, 2017

Trump might have the shortest reign as a President in Russian history. #Flynnghazi #TrumpImpeachmentParty

— Simar Ahluwalia (@sahluwal) February 15, 2017

@realDonaldTrump do u still need a DJ for your #TrumpImpeachmentParty ?

— Zedd (@Zedd) February 15, 2017

Who would have thought electing a 70 year old Fox News viewer with no government experience would turn out this way? #TrumpImpeachmentParty

— MATTY ICE (@FailGOP) February 15, 2017

How I’m gonna roll up to #TrumpImpeachmentParty

— Anisha (@MssAnisha) February 15, 2017

This seems so surreal. #TrumpImpeachmentParty #Flynnghazi

— Bert Hubbard (@Preach_Love) February 15, 2017

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